What are your go to widgets for webinars?

I’ve been dipping my toes into learning about other widgets to add to webinars other than the standard ones that default. Any that you found that added extra value? Interesting ones that your audience interacts with the most? I’ve been interested in the Twitter widget, but wondering how many people actually use it.

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We don’t always use all of these, but…

  • Feedback is vital, so Q&A, Survey and Ideas.
  • Also, reaching a broader audience, so Share, Refer A Colleague and Twitter. (And maybe also the CTA to drive a subscription so that you can reach them the next time or promote registration to another webcast.)

We’ve been fairly basic for the last year (q&a, resources) but i’ve made it a goal of mine to start actively using the CTA.


We always use the Resource List and Survey widgets. We recently started using the Twitter widget, and live tweeting content from the webinar. We’ve found that doing so both attracts Twitter followers to the webinar and webinar attendees to the Twitter account!


The Q&A widget. It’s really basic, I know, but getting attendees to ask questions and engage with our presenters is huge. We consider that to be a really successful webinar if we get a lot of follow up questions (and a great inroad to consider the conversation).

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We’ve customized the content widget to replace the Help widget and include how to’s for the issues attendees have reported - echoing, slides and voice not in sync, etc. Also customized the content widget for a getting started message, and another for recommended action steps/links. Plus the standard resources, Q&A, speaker bio. We have custom icons as well.


I’m pretty basic when it comes to widgets. Image for logos, speaker bios, Q&A, sharing options, and some resources for slides or websites. I like to utilize the resources box the best I can by adding social links or some links to additional content with extra gates to further qualify leads.

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The Q&A help u get to know more about your stream you pull in to get more of a understanding with your viewers…

I lover the resources widget. It’s great to include extra freebies so that attendees feel like they got something special just fro showing up =)

My favorites are Q&A, Resources, and Speaker Bio. I want our viewers to connect with us during, follow our content around whether it be PDF or alternative webinars/links, and then I want them to connect with our people on LinkedIn to continue the relationship and our thought leadership.

I use the standard widgets, but have also added Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, a widget for our big user conference, a widget that highlights our upcoming events and webinars page, and a contact form widget.

We’re pretty fond of the Resources widget – we include links to register for upcoming webinars, links to our Blogs, and other white papers from the presenters.

Q&A, Certification, Resources

certification, instructor bio, handouts, survey

I like to have the Q&A, Survey, Presentation materials, and speaker profiles.

Q&A, Resources List, CTA, Certificate, Twitter, Paper Airplane to forward the webcast.

The Q&A and resources widgets are definitely our go-tos and we see great interaction. Polling has also been successful for us. We’d love to get more survey responses but pushing these out at the conclusion of the webinar sees a good bit of drop off as people sign off. Has anyone tried surveys at another point during a webinar - before or during? Or is that distracting to attendees?

The Q&A and Resources widgets have been our go-to widgets. We normally stick with the same widgets for every webinar but I’d love to explore some other options. The CTA widget sounds like it may be really beneficial for certain webinars.

Laura, I think this is a great idea to replace the standard Help widget, plus the getting started message. Would you be willing to share the wording you composed for this box? I tried finding one your webinars on the Schwab website but I must have been looking in the wrong area.

Hi, Michael. I hope all is well with you.

We run over 1000 webcasts annually, and developed our tech tips based on feedback received from attendees to help them with their systems. We still have some Win7 IE11 users who are more likely to experience Flash problems.

For best viewing experience:
• Use Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari, if available, instead of IE.
• Clear cache, close all other applications.
• Hardwire, if possible.

• More than one session is open. Please close your browser and restart.

• Close all other applications.
• Refresh by pressing F5 or Command + R for Mac OD.
• Clear cache and restart the webcast.
• Contact your helpdesk if additional assistance is necessary.

Audio is through the computer speakers .

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